Technical Notes and Requirements

Java Support

The Java Runtime Environment version 5 (sometimes referred to as 1.5) or later with Java Webstart is required to run any of the activities. You can download it at:

Mac: Snow Leopard

If you are OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), you will need to add one additional step to run Vernier ( probes using the GoLink interface in the units. Using your Spotlight in the upper right corner, search for JAVA Preferences. In the General screen, click and drag the 32-bit above the 64-bit in both windows.

Flash and QuickTime Support

To view some of the models in the activity, it is highly recommended that you install MozSwing, the embedded Flash and QuickTime support. Note that if you have installed the application using our new installer on a Mac computer, MozSwing is automatically included, so it does not need to be re-installed.

If you are unable to install the embedded support, some models will open in the computers default web browser. Please ensure that this browser supports Flash and the latest QuickTime.

Install MozSwing (Embedded Flash and QuickTime Support)

WARNING: You need to install Firefox and the Adobe Flash Player for Firefox (if it is not already on your system) before clicking on the link above. To do this, install Firefox first and then revisit this page in a Firefox browser. When you click "Flash Player" above, it will install the correct version.

You must also have QuickTime installed for your version of Firefox. To install QuickTime, click here.